About Me

Professionally, I have worked as a programmer and system administrator for almost a decade. I specialize in creating secure, highly available and cost efficient environments in the AWS cloud that meet all modern compliance standards.

I've worked with clients implementing and managing continuous delivery systems and methodologies on AWS.

I am experienced and comfortable helping troubleshoot production or performance problems in AWS, and implementing and manage continuous delivery systems on AWS. I am proficient in AWS products like ECS, CodeDeploy, Elastic BeansTalk and CloudFormation, and third-party products like Git, Docker and programming languages like PHP, Python and Javascript.

I'd be happy to answer questions in a consultation or complete end to end project work.


Technical Lead at Treatment Technologies & Insights

Los Angeles, CA

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  • Spearheaded the development of the company's flagship iOS application, transforming complex healthcare insights into user-friendly interfaces. Regularly updated and optimized the app, ensuring its alignment with evolving user needs and technological advancements.
  • Designed and implemented the application's backend using PHP, Laravel, and MySQL. Focused on creating scalable, secure, and efficient systems, contributing to the application's high performance and reliability. Responsible for managing and optimizing the company's cloud infrastructure on AWS. Ensure high availability, scalability, and cost-efficiency, adapting to changing demands and technological evolution. Champion security initiatives, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive healthcare data. Implement best practices in security, staying ahead of emerging threats and compliance requirements.
  • Progressed to the role of Tech Lead, overseeing a multidisciplinary team. Mentor and guide team members, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment. Directed multiple projects simultaneously, aligning technology development with strategic business objectives.

Software Engineer at Wag!

West Hollywood, CA

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Software Engineer at Pocket Supernova, Inc

Tokyo, Japan

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